How To Fix BSG Launcher Error 302009 in Escape From Tarkov

Error 302009: Your gateway to Tarkov? More like a slammed shut iron door. Forget «run as administrator» charades — we’ve got a potent potion for this digital plague.

How To Fix BSG Launcher Error 302009 in Escape From Tarkov

Step 1: Exterminate the Old:

Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Battlestate Games\BsgLauncher and banish the corrupted BsgLauncher.exe. Send it to the digital void.

Step 2: Embrace the New:

Download a fresh, untainted BsgLauncher.exe from Befriend it, place it in the same folder.

Step 3: Admin Rights for the New Buddy:

Right-click the new BsgLauncher.exe, open «Properties,» click «Compatibility,» and check «Run this program as an administrator.» Click «OK» — grant it ultimate launch power.

Step 4: Edit the Secret Code:

Open C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Roaming\Battlestate Games\BsgLauncher and edit the settings file. Find «gameRootDir» and point it to your Tarkov lair (e.g., «C:\Games\BsgLauncher\EFT»).

Step 5: Launch and Vanquish:

Save, close, and launch the new BsgLauncher.exe. Witness its glorious auto-update, then say goodbye to Error 302009 forever.


Armed with this knowledge, you’ve slain the Error 302009 beast. No more lamentations, no more staring at red-lettered doom. Go forth, conquer Tarkov, and revel in the spoils of victory!

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