EA Sports FC Player Switching: Fixing the «Classic» Reset Dilemma

Tired of «Closest to Ball» reverting to classic? You’re not alone. This resetting plague is a thorn in the side of many EA Sports FC enthusiasts. But fear not, fellow footballers! Let’s tackle this head-on.

The Problem: Your preferred player switching setting mysteriously reverts to «classic» every match. Frustrating? Hell yes.

How to Fix EA Sports FC Player Switching

Why it happens: The culprit? Unclear. But tinkering mid-game is a red card. Adjust settings from the main menu before kickoff – your preferences will thank you.

You’re not alone: This isn’t your personal controller gremlin. Others report similar reset madness with shooting styles and more. Curiously, some find sanctuary in squad battles. Weird flex, but maybe it works?

Fight back: If «classic» haunts you, try changing settings in squad battles. Anecdotal evidence suggests it sticks better there. Also, avoid rage-quitting – a graceful exit helps cement your chosen tactics.

Dominate the field: Don’t let a setting hiccup break your stride. Share your workarounds and experiences – together, we can conquer this classic clunk and rule the pitch!

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