Factorio: How to Solve Your Iron Plate Bottleneck

Empty iron belts on your main bus? Don’t blame the balancer, it’s a production shortage! Boost your iron output – more furnaces, baby!

Factorio: How to Solve Your Iron Plate Bottleneck

Steel Furnaces Not Enough? Upgrade Time!

12 furnaces? Cute. You need 96 for 4 yellow belts. Embrace the expansion, Factorio is all about it!

4:4 Balancers: The Unsung Heroes

96 furnaces? Use 4:4 balancers. One at the bus start, one at each extraction point with top output priority. Balance is key!

Think Big, Build Bigger: Iron for Days

Lay 4 lanes of iron and copper early. Future-proof your base, it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

The Grand Furnace Blueprint:

  • 24 furnaces per yellow belt, 96 for 4 belts.
  • Two rows of 12, belts on each side: half iron, half coal.
  • Mining, smelting, and furnaces in perfect harmony.

Embrace the Consumption Monster:

Factorio wants more, always more. Be ready to expand and leave room for growth.

Conclusion: Iron Up or Bust!

12 furnaces are a joke for 4 belts. Think big, expand, and let the iron flow! Your factory needs it, your sanity craves it.

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