How to fix flood in Cities: Skylines II

Flooding can cripple your meticulously crafted city in Cities: Skylines II. Unlike its predecessor, the sequel throws new wrenches into the mix, demanding tactical water management. Fear not, urban architects! Here’s how to conquer the tides.

How to fix flood in Cities: Skylines II

  1. Water Source Savvy: Understand how water flows. Accidental cemetery placements near rivers? Learn from them! Modify terrain to block unwanted water paths, adding realism and preventing puddles.
  2. Save & Reload Rescue: Experiment freely! Save before dam tweaks or river re-routing. If it leads to flooding, simply reload and try again. No drowned citizens on your watch!
  3. Cemetery Conundrum: Picturesque waterfront cemeteries often spell disaster. Place them with caution, prioritizing functionality over aesthetics. A flooded graveyard is no one’s idea of a peaceful final resting place.
  4. Two-Minute Miracle: Set autosaves to two minutes. This safety net lets you rewind any accidental flooding, even from that questionable cemetery placement. You’ll thank yourself later!
  5. Mythical Flood Fixer: Whispers of a mysterious flood-vanquishing building abound. We investigated, but alas, it’s a legend. No instant solutions exist that won’t disrupt your city’s delicate balance.
  6. Last Resort: Restart & Rebuild: Sometimes, despite your best efforts, flooding might be unstoppable. Take a deep breath, start fresh on a new map, and apply your hard-won flood-fighting knowledge. Your next city will be a watery masterpiece!

Conclusion: Flood control in Cities: Skylines II requires strategy and understanding. This guide equips you with the tools to turn the tide, build resilient cities, and reign supreme in the realm of virtual urban planning.

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