Steam Deck Dilemma: Fixing the Jurassic World Evolution Bug

Steam Deck players, face a dino-sized problem: the SteamOS 3.5.5 bug wreaks havoc on Jurassic parks. This guide delves into the issue and potential solutions, though a permanent fix awaits Frontier’s patch.

How to Fix the Jurassic World Evolution Bug

The Culprit: SteamOS 3.5.5

Forget rogue mods, this glitch is native to the Steam Deck OS update. Every dinosaur, from majestic Brachiosaurs to tiny Compsognathuses, becomes distorted, marring your meticulously crafted parks.

File Integrity: A Dead End

Verifying files, while a natural first step, offers no solace. The bug persists, leaving players frustrated and yearning for their once-smooth gameplay.

No Magic Bullets: Patience is Key

The harsh truth: a definitive fix is currently unavailable. The community’s unanimous cry? Wait for Frontier’s patch. Patience becomes both a virtue and a heavy burden.

Unconventional Solutions: A Flicker of Hope?

Uninstall-reinstall rituals, while valiant efforts, prove futile. The bug clings to the Deck and its latest OS update like a persistent predator.

Uninstalling? Don’t Bother.

A fresh install won’t banish the dinos’ squashed forms. The hope for a clean slate remains unfulfilled, highlighting the urgent need for Frontier’s intervention.

Conclusion: A Shared Frustration

The SteamOS 3.5.5 bug casts a long shadow over Steam Deck players’ Jurassic experiences. We navigate this glitch-ridden haven, united in frustration and hope, waiting for the day the bug is extinct.

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