GTA Online Auto Shop Glitched: How to Navigate the Bugs

This week’s Auto Shop bonus RP has a twist: two mechanics, one car at a time. Delivery goes to the secondary stall only if the main is full.

Salvage Yard Suspect: The glitch seems linked to the Salvage Yard. Salvaging a car can delete one from the Auto Shop, sometimes without notification. Unplugging your console for 30 seconds (weird, but works for some).

GTA Online Auto Shop Glitched: How to Navigate the Bugs

Buggy Navigation: Head to the Auto Shop ASAP after receiving a delivery notification. The glitch seems to involve phantom cars created by Salvage Yard code. Rockstar, fix it!

Player Tales: Cars disappearing, bizarre servicing prompts, and session switching as a potential trigger. Vigilance is key: attend to deliveries immediately.

Assistant Woes (and Hope): Assistant deliveries saw wrecked cars, but recent reports suggest Rockstar might have fixed it. Full payouts reported! A glimmer of hope amidst the glitches.

Glitches are GTA Online’s reality. Be strategic, navigate the bug, and enjoy the bonus RP. Rockstar’s on the case, and happy modding!

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