How to Fix Constant Crashing on AMD GPU in «The Finals» Game

The Finals is a thrilling game, but it can be frustrating when it crashes on your AMD GPU. If you’re experiencing UE5 errors, don’t despair! This guide will walk you through troubleshooting steps and community-suggested solutions to get you back in the game.

How to Fix Constant Crashing on AMD GPU in «The Finals» Game

1. Fresh Start:

  • Clean GPU Driver Install: Ditch the old, embrace the new! Use DDU to completely remove existing drivers and install fresh ones.
  • Roll Back Chipset Driver: Sometimes, older is better. Try rolling back your AMD Chipset Driver to a stable version.

2. Tame the Overclock:

  • Disable EXPO/XMP: These overclocking features can trigger instability. Disable them and see if crashes vanish.

3. Last Resort:

  • Windows Reinstall: If all else fails, nuke it from orbit (and reinstall Windows). This wipes out potential system issues.

Community Hacks:

  • Google «dxgi_error_device_removed»: Find hidden solutions like registry edits.
  • Force Steam DX11: Try launching Steam with a command to force DX11 compatibility.
  • Disconnect Steam/Finals Accounts: Strange, but it worked for some!
  • Clear Cache & Validate Files: Clean house on the Steam app and game files.

Remember: No one-size-fits-all fix exists. Experiment, try different solutions, and share your findings! With a bit of luck and persistence, you’ll be back to dominating The Finals, not dealing with crashes.

Good luck, champions!

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