How to Fix EA Sports FC Game DirectX Error on PC

Frustrated with DirectX errors crashing your EA Sports FC game on PC? This guide tackles the issue head-on, providing proven steps to get you back in the game without the drama.

Skip the Mystery:

  • Ditch the «many gamers» intro. Focus on the problem and solution.

Identify the Culprit:

  • Skip the «3/4 games» statistic. Focus on three common causes: GPU drivers, controller drivers, and hardware issues.

How to Fix EA Sports FC Game DirectX Error on PC

Get Back to the Action:

Replace generic steps with specific actions:

  • Download and install latest GPU drivers (link to official websites).
  • Update controller driver (mention specific controller type).
  • Uninstall and reinstall controller driver with DDU (link to DDU download).
  • Adjust frame rate to 120 and enable borderless window mode in the game settings.
  • Check for system overheating and ensure your power supply meets game requirements.

Remember: Troubleshooting often works – give these steps a try and get back to your uninterrupted EA Sports FC experience!

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