How To Fix Error Code 20011 in Fortnite

Stuck in Fortnite purgatory with Error Code 20011? Fear not, fellow warrior! This guide cuts through the fluff and delivers actionable steps to slay the bug.

How To Fix Error Code 20011 in Fortnite

The Anti-Cheat Watchdog:

Imagine a hyper-vigilant guard protecting fair play. That’s the anti-cheat system. But sometimes, it gets overzealous and throws up Error 20011.

Cause of the Glitch:

  • Multi-Game Mayhem: Running two games with anti-cheat at once can confuse the system. Fortnite and another game? Game over.
  • App Overload: Too many open programs can distract the anti-cheat. Give it the spotlight it deserves!
  • Reboot Residue: A simple restart often works, but sometimes lingering digital crumbs can trip the system up.

Defeating the Glitch:

  1. Shutdown Shuffle: Close all games and apps with anti-cheat. Give your PC some breathing room.
  2. Reboot Riddle: Fresh start, fresh memory. Restart your PC to clear the digital clutter.
  3. Lone Gamer Strategy: Launch Fortnite solo. The anti-cheat doesn’t like sharing its attention.
  4. System Scan: Run an anti-virus scan to rule out malicious software triggering the code.

Fortnite Confession:

We get it. Fortnite is addictive. But playing it alongside another game is like juggling chainsaws. Focus on one at a time.


Error 20011 is a temporary hurdle, not a game over. With a strategic shutdown and reboot, you’ll be back to building Victory Royales in no time.


  • Can I play Fortnite and another game together? Nope, it’s like double-booking your schedule. Focus on one game to avoid confusion.
  • Why is the anti-cheat system so strict? Think of it as a teacher ensuring everyone plays fair. It might seem harsh, but it keeps the playing field level.
  • Will a simple restart fix it? Absolutely! Just like a power nap, it refreshes your PC and the anti-cheat system’s memory.
  • Can other apps trigger the error? Yes! Close any apps with anti-cheat systems to avoid conflicts.
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