How to Fix Glow on Icons in Geometry Dash

Spotting an unwelcome halo around your Geometry Dash icon? You’re not alone. That pesky glow often results from rocking black as your primary color. Don’t fret, though! Here’s how to tackle it and navigate the recent update buzz.

How to Fix Glow on Icons in Geometry Dash

The Black Magic Behind the Glow:

Turns out, black in Geometry Dash isn’t just a color choice; it’s a glow trigger. Surprising, right? But there’s the culprit for your unwanted shimmer.

Glowing Up (or Out):

Ready to ditch the glow? Here’s the deal:

  • Conquer 10 Map Packs: Feeling adventurous? Beat 10 map packs, and claim the power to change that glow!
  • Keeping the Color Magic: Bonus perk! While the glow goes, your secondary color stays put. Silver lining alert!

Update Buzz:

Geometry Dash’s recent updates have the community buzzing:

  • Mixed Bag of Feels: From long update waits to mixed reactions to the changes, players are voicing their opinions. Some dig it, others wish they could rewind.
  • Remember the Dash: Amidst all the updates, let’s not forget why we play – the exhilarating dash, the level conquers, and the pure joy of overcoming obstacles.

So, the next time that glow gets you down, remember, you’ve got options. Keep dashing, conquer those levels, and enjoy the ride!

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