How To Fix Road Tools in Cities: Skylines 2

Frustrated with CS2’s buggy pedestrian AI and wonky path connections? Let’s cut through the fluff and tackle these issues head-on.

Pedestrian Predicament: Citizens just ignoring crossings? You’re not alone. This AI quirk leaves us chasing virtual jaywalkers.

How To Fix Road Tools in Cities: Skylines 2

Underground Connection Trick: Here’s the workaround: connect subways and pedestrian paths underground at specific depths. Try 15m, some suggest 6.25m or 16.25m. It’s finicky, sometimes seamless, sometimes like hitting a wall.

Glitch or Feature? This odd behavior might actually become a sought-after feature! Imagine the control MOM (Multi-Platform Overpass Mod) could offer with stacked platforms and adjustable heights.

Modding Maze: For the brave, modding with Bepinex and Harmony offers potential, but it’s a steep learning curve. Resources are scarce, the path is foggy. You need coding skills and patience to navigate this labyrinth.

CS2’s Future: Players yearn for CS1’s smoothness. We dream of freely placed exits, seamless station connections, and glitches transformed into powerful features. Here’s hoping the developers listen and evolve the game to meet our expectations.

So, are you up for the challenge? Embrace the quirks, explore workarounds, and maybe even dive into modding. The future of CS2 awaits!

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