How to Get A Shiny Hunt Hisui Samurott?

Forget Everstone myths, embrace PLA evolution! Catch a shiny Dewott in Scarlet/Violet, transfer it to Legends: Arceus, and watch it transform into a majestic Hisuian Samurott.

How to Get A Shiny Hunt Hisui Samurott?

Regional Evo Twist: Evolve any starter in Hisui to get its Hisuian form, including shiny Samurott.

Shiny Dewott + PLA: Catch a shiny Dewott in Scarlet/Violet and transfer it to Legends: Arceus. Evolve it there for the Hisuian form.

Beast Ball Challenge: Catch your shiny Samurott in a Beast Ball for extra bragging rights.

Everstone Myth Debunked: No Hisuian Oshawott/Dewott exist, so Everstone doesn’t work.

Community Support: Trust other players to help evolve your Dewott in PLA. Many offer transparent, streamed services.

No Regional Evo Shortcut: You can’t evolve Hisuian forms directly in Scarlet/Violet, PLA is required.

Lessons from the Community: Trainers share stories of successful shiny evolutions and helpful players.

Shiny Hisui Samurott demands planning, knowledge, and community support. Master these, and your shiny adventure awaits!

Shiny Hisui Samurott awaits. Plan, partner, and conquer!

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