How to Solve Interstate Lane Issues in Cities: Skylines 2

Recent updates sparked chaos on Skylines 2’s interstates: cars refusing to merge, causing near-misses and gridlock. But fear not, city planners! Here’s how to fix these merging issues:

The Culprits:

  • Sharp Turns: On-ramps twisting at 45° angles disrupt traffic and prevent safe merging.
  • Slow Acceleration: Short on-ramps force cars to merge at slow speeds, causing dangerous weaving.

How to Solve Interstate Lane Issues in Cities: Skylines 2

  • Smoother Curves: Ease the on-ramp’s angle toward the highway, allowing cars to smoothly gain speed and merge at a safer angle.
  • Extra Lane, Less Pain: Add a third lane on the highway just after the on-ramp. More space means smoother merging and less congestion.
  • Dedicated Merge Lane: Build a short merge lane after the on-ramp. This gives cars room to accelerate without hindering highway traffic.
  • Lane Math Matters: Analyze your lane usage. Sometimes, a single lane addition or a small merge lane can solve bigger problems.
  • Turn Down the Sharp: Less dramatic angles on on-ramps mean smoother, safer traffic flow. Remember, even small adjustments can make a big difference.


By applying real-world merging principles and using techniques like adjusted angles, added lanes, and dedicated merge lanes, you can turn your Skylines 2 highways into a dream of free-flowing traffic. So experiment, find the perfect setup, and watch your city’s traffic glide!

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