Unlocking Maximum Fish Production in Anno 1800

Forget flowery language, let’s get straight to the fish. This guide unlocks the secrets to maximizing your Anno 1800 fishery, ensuring your citizens swim in a sea of abundance.

How to Unlock Maximum Fish Production in Anno 1800

Numbers Matter, But Not Just the Big Ones:

  • Don’t be fooled by simple demand = supply. Dig deeper. 115% efficiency with 30-second cycles means 5 fish aren’t instantly available. Understand your production lines’ rhythm.

Rounding is the Enemy:

  • The stats may say 5 fish, but rounding might steal a few. Don’t panic, just build another fishery. It’s a small investment for smoother, more predictable production.

Plan Ahead, Don’t Chase Demand:

  • Be proactive. Have 12 pre-built fisheries ready to deploy when the fishy tide rises. This blueprinting keeps the fish flowing, avoiding citizen frowns.

Surplus is Security:

  • Don’t worry about a little overflow. More fish means a buffer against unexpected dips in demand. Happy citizens, happy city.

Diversify Your Tactics:

Don’t be a one-trick fishery. Here’s your toolbox:

  • More Fisheries: Simple but effective. Sometimes, quantity is the answer.
  • Better Work Conditions: Boost worker happiness, but be careful, it might impact overall happiness.
  • Harbourmaster’s Magic: Strategic item placement and a skilled Harbourmaster can work wonders.
  • Coastal Advantages: Unlock a +300% coastal building boost and place your fisheries near Docklands for an insane production jump.


  • There’s no one-size-fits-all approach. Experiment, adapt, and optimize.
  • Your goal isn’t just to meet demand, it’s to exceed it. Make your citizens the envy of the Anno 1800 world, with fish coming out their ears (metaphorically, of course).
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