My Fix: Games Crashing Error 0xc0000005

PUBG and Flight Simulator crashing with 0xc0000005 error on high-end PC (Ryzen 9 5900x, RX6700 XT). Sims 4 fine.

Steps Tried (No Success):

  • Stress tests, driver updates, memory diagnostic, drive health check, Windows reinstall.

Error Analysis:

  • 0xc0000005: Access violation, likely RAM, GPU driver, or storage issue.

How To Fix Games Crashing Error 0xc0000005


  • RAM: Removed and tested each stick individually. Changed RAM slot configuration (1/3 to 2/4) — Fixed!
  • Temperature: Monitored CPU temp (80°C), ensured no overclocks or undervolts. Applied BIOS update, disabled XMP — Improved stability.
  • GPU/Power: Checked GPU temp, played other games, monitored power delivery with HWInfo64. No issues found.


RAM slot change, monitoring power delivery, and BIOS tweaks solved my crashes. Try these steps if facing similar issues!


  • Check disk usage for potential drive issues.
  • Consider GPU/power supply issues if other games crash.

Happy gaming!

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