How to Fix the «NAT:Unknown» Error in Satisfactory

Stuck with «NAT:Unknown» in Satisfactory? Fear not, Pioneers! This guide cuts through the fluff and gets you back to building with friends.

Is it just you?

  • Check if others are reporting server issues on official forums or communities.

How to Fix the «NAT:Unknown» Error in Satisfactory

  1. Public STUN Server: Configure a public STUN server to improve connectivity — search a Reddit post for manual configuration (if you’re tech-savvy).
  2. Stay updated: Check Satisfactory announcements and communities for online integration changes – your fix might be there!
  3. Discord to the rescue: Join the Satisfactory Game Discord for expert advice and community insights on the latest solutions.

Remember: Even server hiccups can’t stop your Pioneer spirit. Soon, you’ll be back dominating the multiplayer world!

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