How to Fix RimWorld XML Error in Debug Log

RimWorld’s debug log spitting out an XML error? Don’t sweat it. This «warning» (not game-breaker) is a frequent visitor for many players, including me. So, take a breath, let’s decode this blip.

Understanding the Error:

It’s like your game saying, «Hey, something might be off, but I’m running fine.» Think car warning light, not engine failure.

Why It’s Not a Problem:

If your game runs smooth, ignore it. Just like that car warning, it’s often harmless. Crashes or corrupted data are the real drama queens.

How to Fix RimWorld XML Error in Debug Log

  • Leave it alone: If everything works, don’t mess with it.
  • Turn off auto-open: Hide the error from your eyes.
  • Read-only log: Prevent a potentially massive log file.

Bonus Tips:

  • Disable auto-open: My personal preference for peace of mind.
  • Mod Check: Ensure all mods are compatible with Combat Extended.
  • Simple Side Arms: Disable it, it might trigger the error.


Relax, RimWorlders. That XML error is just a blip. Happy gaming, and may your colonies thrive without XML-induced headaches!

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