Fix: RPCS3 Launch Error in Steam Game Mode (Demon’s Souls)

Demon’s Souls wouldn’t launch directly from Steam Game Mode (worked previously). Workaround: launch RPCS3 first, then game. Frustrating!

How To Fix RPCS3 Launch Error in Steam Game Mode (Demon’s Souls)

Investigation: culprit found in Steam shortcut Target field, weird entry «/run/media/mmcblk0p1/…».

Solution: Replace that entry with «/run/media/deck/…».


  1. Right-click RPCS3 game in Steam Library.
  2. Click gear icon, then «Properties».
  3. In «General» tab, edit the «Target» field.
  4. Replace any suspicious entries within quotes with «/run/media/deck/…».
  5. Launch game!

Confirmation: Happy user reported fix worked perfectly.

Tip: Check Target field if other RPCS3 games misbehave in Steam Game Mode.

By removing the unnecessary reference, the shortcut now points to the correct location for launching the game directly from Steam Game Mode. Happy demon slaying! ⚔️

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