RuneScape Could Not To Be Started. How to solve?

Stuck outside Gielinor? Don’t fret, adventurer! This guide tackles common RuneScape login issues, getting you back to slaying dragons and questing in no time.

Diagnose the Problem:

  • Chronic Lockout: If you’ve been exiled for hours, simple solutions might not suffice. Check for server maintenance, account issues, or internet woes.
  • Random Hiccups: If logins are sporadic, follow these steps.

RuneScape Could Not To Be Started. How to solve?

Step 1: Reboot Reality (Restart your PC)

Sometimes, a fresh start clears temporary glitches.

Step 2: Network Detox (IP Config & FlushDNS)

These commands refresh your network settings, potentially resolving connectivity issues. Admin: Open Command Prompt, type ipconfig /flushdns then ipconfig /renew.

Step 3: Admin Power (Run Client as Administrator)

This grants RuneScape the necessary permissions to operate smoothly. Right-click the client and choose «Run as administrator.»

Personal Anecdote: I once wandered Gielinor’s wilderness for nine hours, login-less. Running as admin saved the day!


  • Reinstall didn’t help? Network or permission issues might be lurking. Follow the guide for a deeper dive.
  • IP Config/FlushDNS do what? They reset network settings, fixing connectivity problems that block login.
  • How often to do this? Whenever login woes strike. Regular maintenance prevents future frustration.
  • Admin mode cause issues? Nope, it just grants the client proper permissions.
  • Other culprits? Server maintenance, account issues, or internet instability can also cause login nightmares. Check official channels for updates.

Remember, patience and persistence are your allies. With these handy tips, you’ll be back in Gielinor in no time, ready for another epic adventure!

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