How to fix The Finals: «Fatal Error: A Debugger was Detected»

Stuck in the «Fatal Error: A debugger was detected» loop? Reinstalling everything in sight doesn’t cut it? Rest assured, adventurer, your gaming odyssey won’t be derailed by this cryptic foe.

The Culprit: Aida64, a lurking system diagnostics program, can trigger the error even if you’re unaware of its presence. This digital saboteur throws a wrench in your gameplay – but fear not, we’ve got the antidote.

How to fix The Finals: «Fatal Error: A Debugger was Detected»

The Fix:

  1. Banish the Debugger: In the search bar, type «msconfig» and launch System Configuration. Navigate to the Boot tab, click Advanced Options, and disable the debug checkbox. Apply changes, restart your PC, and voila!

Victory Awaits: Now, with the debugger dragon slain, reclaim your gaming haven. Conquer virtual realms and revel in the freedom of uninterrupted play. Happy gaming!

Bonus Tip: If Aida64 isn’t the culprit, explore other solutions like updating anti-cheat software or verifying game files. But first, let’s banish the most common foe!

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