The Texas Chain Saw Massacre: Resolving Network Error 0x0001000B

Ping gone rogue? Error Code 0x0001000B wants you out of the game. Don’t fret, chainsaw warriors, this fix guide is here to get you back to the slaughterhouse.

What’s the deal with 0x0001000B?

High ping, over 200, basically means your connection’s a rusty blade. The game says, «Nope, not safe for Leatherface!»

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre: How To Solve Network Error 0x0001000B

  1. Ditch the VPN: It can mess with your connection, so disconnect and see if the error evaporates.
  2. Restart your PC: Sometimes, servers get sluggish. A fresh boot can clear things up, just like a new chain.
  3. Move to a bustling town: Regions with few players trigger this error. Head somewhere with a bigger meat market for a smoother game.

Still stuck?

Forum warriors and support are your allies. Now go forth, and may your chainsaw sing the song of victory!

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