Valheim Update Issues: Can’t Start or Join a Game Anymore

Players on PC are experiencing major issues after the latest Valheim update (1.11.2023), including inability to launch/join games and lag/disconnects in multiplayer.

How To Fix Valheim Update Issues: Can’t Start or Join a Game Anymore

Potential Cause: Non-English characters in computer names might be triggering the issue, possibly a lingering bug from previous versions.

Further Investigation: User provided Player.log file, revealing they were using the outdated Game Pass version (0.217.28 instead of 0.217.29).

Manual Fix: Changing computer name and workgroup to English letters on Windows 11 temporarily resolved the issue for the user.

Community Frustrations: Many players report similar problems, including frequent updates that introduce new issues, impacting the multiplayer experience.

Developer Response: No official acknowledgement or solution from developers yet, causing community dismay.

Temporary Workarounds: Community-suggested workarounds exist, but with potential risks.

Future Updates: All eyes are on the next update, hoping for fixes and improvements.

Valheim’s latest patch has sparked community frustration due to technical glitches and lack of developer communication. Despite challenges, the community’s passion and resourcefulness remain strong.

Key Takeaways:

  • Major issues after Valheim update.
  • Non-English computer names might be a cause.
  • Game Pass version update discrepancy for some users.
  • Manual fix available for specific cases.
  • Widespread community frustration and technical woes.
  • Hopeful for future updates to address issues.
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