War Thunder: Fixing «Connecting to Server» Error

Stuck at «Connecting to server»? Can’t load player profile? Join the club. This guide offers solutions to this frustrating War Thunder issue.

Problem: Game hangs at «Connecting to server,» leaving you with a blank hangar and eventual «Can’t load player profile data» error.


  • Server downtime: Gaijin servers might be down, causing connection delays. Check their status first.
  • Authentication server attacks: Recent attacks on these servers can disrupt connectivity.

War Thunder: Fixing «Connecting to Server» Error


  1. Check server status: Visit the official website or forums for real-time updates.
  2. Verify internet connection: Ensure stable internet to avoid exacerbating server issues.
  3. Clear cache and cookies: Sometimes, clearing game cache and browser cookies helps.
  4. Reinstall the game: As a last resort, consider reinstalling War Thunder to fix corrupted files.


  • Shared frustration: Players across forums lament this issue, highlighting the need for solutions.
  • Gaijin’s response: Gaijin acknowledges the server problems and offers compensation for attack-related disruptions.


  • The «Connecting to server» error is common, but understanding the causes and following these steps can help you reconnect.
  • Share your experiences on forums and official channels. Your feedback helps improve the game.

Remember, persistence is key. Happy tanking!

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