How to solve your graphics card is not certified

SolidWorks needs a certified graphics card for optimal performance. Certification is a recommendation, not a requirement. Even non-certified cards can work well, especially with some tweaks.

How to solve your graphics card is not certified

SolidWorks recommends specific cards and drivers for guaranteed performance. But «not certified» doesn’t mean broken. It’s just a heads-up.

Certified Doesn’t Guarantee Smooth Sailing:

Even top-tier cards like P5000 and RTX-A6000 can trigger the «not certified» message. Don’t panic, it’s not always a performance issue.

Solutions: Embrace the Options

  1. Zen Master: Ignore it. If SolidWorks runs smoothly, who cares about a notification?
  2. Tweak It Up: Go to Tools > Options > Performance and disable «enhanced graphics.» Play with OpenGL mode, especially for unsupported cards.
  3. Intel UHD 620? No Problem: Update your drivers regularly. Even unofficial ones can work well.
  4. Upgrade Fever? Consider a certified workstation graphics card for guaranteed performance. But weigh the cost against your actual needs.
  5. Desktop Power: Desktop users have more flexibility with workstation cards. But only upgrade if you see clear performance gains.

Intel vs. Workstation: Choose Wisely

  • If Intel UHD 620 handles everything, stick with it.
  • For demanding tasks, a certified workstation card might be worth it.

Remember: Certification is a guide, not a rule. Explore your options, tweak settings, and unleash the full potential of SolidWorks with or without the «certified» label.

Bonus Tip: Check SolidWorks’ certified hardware list for compatible cards and drivers:

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