PS5 Lag Woes with Act 3 on Baldur’s Gate 3

Act 3 of Baldur’s Gate 3 on PS5 is plagued by lag, freezing characters, stuck NPCs, and failing events. This disrupts immersion and gameplay, making it «literally unplayable» for some.

How To Fix PS5 Lag Woes with Act 3 on Baldur’s Gate 3

The Scope: The issue affects many users, raising questions about Larian’s awareness and plans. Lack of communication adds to the frustration.

The Hope: A PC fix involving removing crowd code exists, but PS5 players wait for a similar solution.

The Frustration: Console players lack rollback options and rely on hotfixes. Some restart the game multiple times, adding to the challenge.

The Encouragement: Stable areas exist, and players share strategies to navigate the lag.

The Takeaway: Lag is a major issue for PS5 players in Act 3, but hope for a fix remains. Larian’s communication is crucial to appease the frustrated community.


  • Official Statement? No, Larian hasn’t addressed the PS5 lag issues.
  • PS5 Strategies? Patience and pushing through to stable areas may help.
  • PC Fix on PS5? Uncertain, but players are hopeful.
  • Patch Rollback? No, console players can’t roll back patches.
  • Coping with Restarts? Players share frustration and strategies to overcome challenges.
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