The Best Way to Roll for Stats in DnD: Fixing Common Problems

Traditionally, DnD relied on dice rolls to determine character stats, leading to frustration and imbalance. Let’s ditch that randomness and embrace a smoother, more enjoyable character creation process.

Problem: Unpredictable rolls create disparities, leaving some players with subpar characters and others overpowered. This can lead to conflict and negatively impact the overall fun.

The Best Way to Roll for Stats in DnD: Fixing Common Problems

  • Point Buy: This system uses points to purchase ability scores, providing control and balance.
  • Standard Array: Use the pre-defined set of ability scores for a consistent experience.
  • Custom Arrays: Work with your Dungeon Master to create a personalized array that fits your campaign.

Step Up Your Session 0:

  • Discuss character creation preferences and expectations during Session 0.
  • Agree on a stat rolling method that ensures fairness and enjoyment for everyone.

Why Point Buy & Standard Array Rule:

  • They eliminate the potential for stat disparities, ensuring everyone starts on equal footing.
  • They offer pseudo-randomness, satisfying the desire for some luck while maintaining balance.
  • They prioritize fun, allowing players to focus on building their characters without getting bogged down by bad rolls.

Dice Rolling Can Still Be Fun:

  • Group Rolls: Roll for the entire party collectively, fostering a sense of shared fate.
  • Focus on Fun: Remember, DnD is about enjoying the story and adventure with friends. Choose a method that enhances the experience for everyone.


The best way to roll for stats is the way that works best for your group. Ditch the frustration of unbalanced rolls and embrace methods that prioritize balance, enjoyment, and a harmonious gaming experience. Let’s make character creation a fun and collaborative process, setting the stage for an epic DnD adventure!

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