Darktide: Navigating the Teleporting Captured Players Bug

Forget Nurgle’s plagues, Darktide’s got bugs, and none sting harder than the teleporting captured players glitch. One minute you’re battling poxies, the next you’re on the other side of the map, wondering if the Emperor forgot your coordinates.

This ain’t a hiccup, it’s a slap in the face. Respawn points vanish faster than your ammo, leaving you miles ahead of your team, strategic positioning be damned. Hab Dreyko seems particularly fond of this glitch, turning its broken spawn director into a cruel maestro of chaos.

Darktide: Navigating the Teleporting Captured Players Bug

Why you ask? Theories abound, from messed-up location tracking to checkpoint gremlins. Whatever the culprit, this bug tests the patience of even the most stoic Ogryn.

The only «fix»? Alt-F4 tango. Risky and unreliable, it might leave you watching the mission fail screen while your team celebrates victory without you.

This isn’t just a nuisance, it’s a momentum killer. Picture strategizing with your squad, then boom! Teleported to oblivion. The immersion shatters, replaced by frustration and muttered curses.

The teleporting glitch isn’t just a bug, it’s a rogue element, turning Darktide’s tense skirmishes into unpredictable pandemonium. So we raise our lasguns to the devs, pleading for a fix. Banish this bug to the warp, and let our respawns be glorious and glitch-free!

Happy bugless hunting, fellow Rejects!

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