Dealing with Dying Plants in Sims 4. How To Fix?

Stubborn weeds are plaguing gardens, defying usual removal methods. Players report shrinking money trees, strange weeding animations, and even indoor plant woes.

Impact: Frustration abounds, with gardens withering and harvests threatened.

Cause: Unclear, potentially mods or recent patches. Some players unaffected, adding to the mystery.

Dealing with Dying Plants in Sims 4. How To Fix?

  • Mod Fix: A community-created mod tackles the issue directly.
  • Testing Cheats: Strategic shift-clicking with cheats might offer a temporary solution.
  • Community Support: Share experiences and findings, collaborate on solutions.

Hope: The Sims community rallies to find solutions, and EA patch potential is on the horizon.

Conclusion: While the glitch persists, remember you’re not alone. Happy Simming, and let’s hope our digital gardens bloom again soon!

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