Sawmill Speed Boost: Maximize Your Family Island Adventure

Should you upgrade the sawmill’s speed in Family Island? This dilemma plagues many players, with concerns about hidden benefits, storyline impact, and resource management. Let’s dissect the pros and cons.


  • Faster progress: More wood equals faster building, crafting, and completing tasks.
  • Unlock hidden features: Later upgrades might require abundant wood, making early boosts valuable.


  • Negligible impact: A 1.2x boost might seem insignificant in the long run.
  • Delayed story progression: Upgrading other buildings might be crucial for advancing the narrative.

Sawmill Speed Boost: Maximize Your Family Island Adventure

Strategic Approaches:

  • Focus: Prioritize one building or resource at a time, even if it means delaying sawmill upgrades.
  • Cumulative power: Small upgrades add up over time, so strategize for long-term benefits.
  • Don’t neglect: Avoid falling too far behind, as delayed tasks can snowball into bigger problems.

Community Insights:

  • Boost speculation: Are there specific events or timeframes for energy and stone box boosts?
  • Golden box mystery: Can we predict the frequency or rewards of these elusive boxes?
  • Gold Island dilemma: Do gold gift boosters significantly enhance rewards, and when should we use them?

Remember: Family Island is a journey of discovery and experimentation. Share your strategies, analyze choices, and enjoy the unique narrative your decisions create. So, boost or not to boost? The answer lies in your own island adventure!

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