How to Fix Ship Loss and Recovery in No Man’s Sky — Player’s Story

Acquired warp drive? Adventure awaits! But beware, cosmic choices have consequences. A tempting distress beacon led to a wrecked ship, a repair attempt, and a game crash — poof, my ship vanished!

How to Fix Ship Loss and Recovery in No Man’s Sky

Community to the rescue! Reddit tips: summon your original vessel if fueled, understand claiming vs. exchanging, navigate the menu’s hidden «pancakes» tab for backup ships.

Scrapping the wreck brought my first ship back! Losses happen, but NMS is boundless exploration. No borders, unlike Destiny or Fallout — the siren song of the unknown pulls me back.

Upgrading from Xbox One S to a newer console for smoother NMS. Choppy gameplay sucks, but anticipation of seamless cosmic world soothes the pain.

In conclusion, a lost ship is a NMS blip, not the end. Each setback fuels resilience, paving the way for boundless cosmic wonders.


  • Recover lost ship? Yes, if fueled, summon with dpad.
  • Exchanged for a wreck? Claim, not exchange, to keep both.
  • More than one ship? Up to 12!
  • Console upgrade? Not essential, but smoother NMS experience.
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