How to Fix Traffic Jams in Cities: Skylines 2 with Roundabouts

Struggling with traffic flow, especially heavy right turns near your industrial zone? Roundabouts are your new best friend. Let’s dive into how to use them effectively.

Identify the Problem:

  1. Grab the magnifying glass: Analyze screenshots of your troublesome interchange. See where traffic bottlenecks, focusing on right-turn congestion.
  2. Double Up!: Introduce double roundabouts. These beauties keep right-turning vehicles flowing smoothly, without impacting straight or highway traffic.
  3. Before & After: Compare screenshots after implementing the roundabouts. Did traffic vanish? Did it magically reappear?

How to Fix Traffic Jams in Cities: Skylines 2 with Roundabouts

Addressing Concerns:

  1. Skepticism is healthy: Yes, other factors like node problems can affect traffic. But let the screenshots speak for themselves!
  2. Time Travel Traffic: Traffic fluctuates in-game. Check things out at different times, like 10 pm. Is it realistic? Does it affect your solution?
  3. Scaling Up: Roundabouts have limits. As traffic grows, consider larger ones or light-controlled alternatives. Real-world solutions apply here too!
  4. Custom Roundabouts: Right-turn ramps, road replacements — customize your roundabouts for optimal flow. No two traffic jams are alike!


Roundabouts are powerful tools, but your city’s a living thing. As it grows, adapt your traffic management. Experiment, refine, and enjoy the smooth flow of a well-oiled city!

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