Internal Server Error in Planet Zoo

Trading glitches, missing animals, and unresponsive markets plague Planet Zoo after a recent update. While not your internet, these frustrating errors have players fuming on forums.

Internal Server Error in Planet Zoo


  • Clicking «send to zoo» freezes the market, making species disappear.
  • Issue confirmed not to be internet connection problems.
  • Players on forums report widespread frustrations and seek answers.

Frontier’s Response:

  • Aware of server issues, but delayed fix due to holiday break.
  • Team promises January resolution upon their return.

DevOps Dilemma:

  • Server operations monitored, but development team on break.
  • DevOps typically handles development issues, but are developers on call?

Patience Amidst Glitches:

  • Game devs deserve their break, and fixes likely come in January.
  • Temporary solutions like deleting features may provide relief.

Losses and Creativity:

  • Players lament vanished credits and animals, sharing grievances.
  • Sandbox mode offers creative escape from trading market woes.

Franchise Mode Connection?

  • Players suspect server crashes linked to animal scarcity in franchise mode.
  • IT experts suggest possible correlation.


Planet Zoo’s holiday glitch throws a wrench in trading, uniting players in shared frustration. While awaiting Frontier’s return, patience and creative solutions can bridge the gap until a smoother zookeeping experience resumes.

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