Lords of the Fallen: Bug Report Guide

Lords of the Fallen enthralls with its immersive world and punishing challenges, but quirks mar the experience. Let’s dissect the most frustrating.

Lords of the Fallen: Bug Report Guide

1. Umbral Armor Bug: This glitch forces new playthroughs. Gestures trigger/cancel it, but fix it, devs!

2. Mirrored Mayhem: Updates stripped the mirror of tools and shards. Per-run or per-character? Clarity and consistency, please!

3. Buffed Bosses, Broken Updates: Adding obstacles while removing rewards? Constant boss buffs and game-breaking updates alienate players. Reassess the balance, devs!

4. Rune Roulette: Runes not working as advertised? Tincts fine? Fix the inconsistencies! And auto-clean duplicate throwables. Seamlessness matters!

5. Faction Fatigue: Reduce those faction prices! PvE drop rates are abysmal, and PvP offers little solace. Weeks for subpar rewards? Unacceptable!

Conclusion: We love Lords of the Fallen, but stability and enjoyment are paramount. Patch the quirks, refine the systems, and remember: loyal players deserve polish, not frustration.

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