Reddit: Nintendo Switch Dock Has Power but isn’t Connecting

Green light shines, Switch stays dead. Our Reddit hero faces a charging and display conundrum with their powered-up dock.

Steps Taken: Port cleaning, cable swaps, online solutions galore – nothing works.

Reddit: Nintendo Switch Dock Has Power but isn’t Connecting

Nintendo Switch Dock Has Power but isn’t Connecting. How To Fix?

Reddit to the Rescue: Fellow gamers chime in with a mix of tips and confusion. Official cable suggestion emerges, but is it the magic bullet?

Physical Intervention: Opening the dock? Tempting, but caution wins. Jiggling the Switch, though? That eyebrow-raising maneuver might be the key.

Digital Detour: Updating the dock fails – the Switch doesn’t recognize it’s docked. Direct AC charging works, but the console recognition barrier is frustrating.

Community Insights: Similar experiences offer workarounds and potential solutions to overcome the recognition issue.

Internal Wiring Woes: Internal wiring culprit? Expertise is lacking, so a new dock seems inevitable.

Lessons Learned: Collective wisdom holds the key. Official cables matter, jiggling can work wonders, and community forums are a treasure trove of solutions.


  • Official cable: It’s worth a try for compatibility.
  • Opening the dock: Leave it to the pros.
  • Jiggling the Switch: Don’t knock it till you try it.
  • Alternatives: Explore community forums for creative fixes.
  • Console recognition: Workarounds exist, even without docking.

Remember: The Switch dock saga continues, but with the power of the community, the solution may be just a jiggle away.

Reddit: Nintendo Switch Dock Has Power but isn’t Connecting
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