Rebuilding Cities Skylines 2 Dam After a Tornado Strike

Those shiny fire trucks downtown are useless against twisters. Disaster response units, the real heroes, come from outside connections. No fancy units at your station? You’re on your own, waiting for a superhero from another town (lame, right?).

How To Rebuild Cities Skylines 2 Dam After a Tornado Strike

Solution: Equip your station with disaster response units AND a helipad. Bam! Choppers airlift them straight to your off-road disaster zone. Cavalry to the rescue!


  • Gridlock? Make sure your dam is connected to the city. Marooned in the mountains? Helis are your friends.
  • Station maxed out? Great! Just check for any pesky district restrictions blocking those units. Sometimes, bureaucracy is the real disaster.

Now go forth, mayor! Cities Skylines 2 awaits. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day, but with the right tools (and less hand-wringing), your dam will be back in business in no time!

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