The Serpent Hunter Glitch in Elden Ring

Glitch or feature? The Serpent Hunter glitch in Elden Ring has players abuzz, raising questions about intended mechanics and fair play. Delving deeper, we explore.

The Serpent Hunter Glitch in Elden Ring

  • The Glitch: How a boss fight weapon’s light beam and hitboxes unexpectedly persist outside its context.
  • Exploitation: Players unleash the beam outside its intended use, questioning developer awareness and intent.
  • Programming Choices: Balancing failsafe mechanisms and unintended consequences, drawing parallels with Dark Souls 1.
  • Player Perspective: Why exploit? Motivation and community reactions to this peculiar quirk.
  • Developer Dilemma: Fix it or leave it? Weighing game integrity against potential disruptions and new bugs.
  • Worth Fixing?: Exploring the pros and cons of addressing the glitch, considering its impact on the game’s world.
  • Longevity of Glitches: How glitches like moveset swapping in previous FromSoftware titles shape the player-developer relationship.
  • Jujutsu Kaisen Influence: A touch of humor as the anime’s themes of power acquisition connect with glitch exploitation.
  • Community’s Role: Embracing glitches, adapting to unexpected features, and shaping gaming lore.
  • Exploit vs. Gameplay: Blurred lines, player autonomy, and the impact of glitches on game challenge perception.
  • Future Updates: Speculating on FromSoftware’s response, potential adjustments, and community reactions.
  • Integrity vs. Freedom: Balancing developer control and player choice, drawing examples from other games’ scenarios.

The Serpent Hunter glitch is a microcosm of Elden Ring’s dynamic world, where players and mechanics dance a complex waltz. What do you think? Share your thoughts on this intriguing phenomenon!


  • Ban risk? Low. Seems intentional, not game-breaking.
  • Widespread knowledge? Growing within the community.
  • Similar glitches? No reports of other widespread ones.
  • Official response? Silence from FromSoftware so far.
  • Impact on experience? Adds unpredictability, player choice remains impactful.
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